Real Estate Videos

Want to stop using traditional, boring slideshows and gimmicky virtual tours to sell homes? Don’t want to spend hundreds to hire someone to create property videos?


Contact us at and download the app from the link below for a FREE 7-video trial.

The Real Estate Vids app is a must-have toolbox for real estate agents who want to stand out from the crowd.

The app allows you to easily create the following types of videos

Property Videos

Testimonial Videos

Thank You Videos

Create Polished and professional-looking property videos, complete with multiple clips, transitions, custom voice over, and more! Showcase your video listing on Zillow and get found by prospective buyers with Video SEO.


Create customer video testimonials to build your online reputation on your own terms. Thanks to video SEO, home-buyers will find your reviews first when you automatically share them to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Want to increase referrals and get repeat business? Your customers will appreciate the personal touch of a custom thank you video. It's personal touches like this that grow your loyal fanbase.

Getting Started


Sample Videos

App Setup

Property Video Creation

Thank You & Testimonials


Sample Videos