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Understanding Buying Signals

Understanding Buying Signals

When a sales prospect has decided that they will make a purchase, they will often express their desire to do so ever so subtly. A change in the tone of speech, bodily movements, the way they look at you, a good salesperson must be able to recognize subtle buying signals to know when to start the conversation that would lead to a closed sale. Most prospects tend to be undecided but ask certain questions that hint interest in your products or services. These may mean that they just need a little nudge in the right direction for them to make the purchase.


To help you close as many sales as possible, here are nine things that translate to buying signals that you should watch out for on your next appointment with your prospects:


1. Asking about a specific product, product model, or type of service

Questions like “does this come in another color/style?” or “how about if my problem is like this… ?” indicate a prospect’s interest in how your company can answer his greatest need.


3. Asking about the start of service or delivery date

These types of questions may indicate that your customer has already decided that your company is the best choice and is probably eager to finish the sale. A good sales reply would be “when do you need it?” or when can we start''?


4. Asking about the contract

When the customer starts asking about the terms and conditions of the contract, or asks if he can alter parts of it to accommodate himself, he is likely ready to make the purchase.


5. Asking about the price

A customer will only voluntarily include the topic of pricing into your conversation if he has developed an interest in purchasing.


6. Asking for the mode of payment

When the customer asks you questions like the terms and mode of payment, chances are they are already thinking of buying your offer. As stated above, anytime a customer brings in the topic of money into the conversation, it’s safe to think that they are interested in buying.


7. Asking about your company

A customer asking about how long your company has been in service or if you’ve had transactions with other businesses in their area likely indicate that he wants to check the reliability of your company


8. Asking to repeat

When a customer asks you to repeat a part or parts of your conversation, such as “what does the package include?”, “can you go over that payment structure again?” or “are you sure this will work for me… ?”, most likely he wants to reaffirm something you said earlier that he particularly liked or he wants to assure himself that he is making the right decision by buying from you.


9. Asking the magic words

The moment your customer asks you “what do we do next?”, in all probability it means that you have already closed the sale.


Any salesperson who fails to interpret these questions will only be a dead weight to your sales and marketing team. Other than these, you must also be able to read nonverbal cues from your prospects like participating in your presentation, taking a look into a limited range of products, holding your product, open hands, leaning forward as you speak, and other minute body languages all signify interest. Always be on the lookout for these.


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