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Importance of being professional

Importance of being professional.

Is it important to be professional?  What do you think?


YES!!  Xcite™ believes that it is very important to be a professional.  It is also important to present yourself as a professional.

If you want to be successful, you will have to get used to being a professional.  How you look, talk, write, act and work determines whether you are a professional or an amateur.

Let me give you an example.

Two different sales men ring your door bell, the first one is wearing shorts, a scruffy untucked shirt, a baseball cap backwards, unshaven and nervous, with an old pair of sandals on and no paperwork... would you buy anything off him?  Take the sales man that is dressed sharp, in a suit and tie, hair neat, clean shaven, faint smell of fresh aftershave, a little neat briefcase with all paper work in order.  I'm guessing you would be more inclined to buy off the second salesman then the first.  WHY?  Because of his appearance.


As a professional, you need to take responsibility for yourself and your work.

  • Here are the basics to create a professional manner:
  • Be courteous and have good manners
  • Be punctual, get into the habit of being on time
  • Keep confidential details confidential
  • Do what needs to be done, do not leave it for others to do
  • Listen to others
  • Apologize for any errors or misunderstandings, and re-do any vehicle videos or photos that are incorrect.
  • Speak clearly and in language others can easily understand
  • Be honest - avoid even the smallest of lies at all costs
  • Do what you say.  If you commit to something, then follow through with it
  • When communicating, ensure you have made yourself clear to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Be reliable and dependable.  Show up on your assigned days to shoot.  Shoot at appropriate times of the day without sun shadows  - preferably in the mornings.  If you are unavailable and cannot turn up on a certain day, please arrange to shoot your vehicles the next day or if you are sick call management so that another photographer can fill in for  you so that your dealership does not miss out on its photos.
  • Demonstrate self-control and avoid public arguments and disagreements


Essentially, being professional is about seeing beyond your immediate needs.  By thinking about the long term perceptions of you and your business, rather than a quick euro or score, you are much more likely to behave professionally.

Professionalism is shown in the way businesses conduct their daily activities, how they interact with their customers and how knowledgeable they are about the services they provide.  When customers think of a business they think about what that business sells, if employees are courteous and if their goods and services are better than the competition. In today's fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday type of mentality it's not good enough to act professional, you need to BE professional.


Courtesy Keeps Customers

Polite customer service is key when representing an organization.  When customer service issues arise, employees should be quick to address the problems and polite when correcting the situation.  Polite and efficient customer service will keep customers returning.  They may even refer their friends and family for the same goods or services.


Knowledgeable Associates Help Get Things Done Faster

When employees are knowledgeable about their products and services they are perceived to be authority figures in their area of business.  For example, when an automotive parts department can tell the customer exactly what is wrong with their car and ways to fix it, the customer gains a sense of appreciation and respect for the employees.  Knowledgeable staff builds trust within the customer.  Without trust from your customers your business may fail.


Professional Atmosphere Keeps Customers at Ease

When employees look and act professional, then customers are more at ease purchasing the goods and services that the company provides.  A customer is more hesitant to purchase services from a business if their employees look like they just rolled out of bed.  Businesses can be made or broken by the judgments of it's customers.


Accepting Rejection with Professionalism

A business can't please its customers 100 percent of the time.  Respect the customer's decision and their right to shop elsewhere.  Keeping civilized and polite during a rejection will not only make your business look more professional, but will also keep ties to the customer in case they need your help in the future.


By applying these helpful tips, Xcite™ knows this will help improve your skills.

When Xcite's™ clients meet you, they will know you will show them good manners, you will be on time and you will complete the assigned work load with every photo looking the best.  They will appreciate your honesty and your punctuality.  Your dress and grooming will show them that you enjoy working at Xcite™ and that you are being a professional employee.


Xcite™ knows you will be a great videographer.


All these lessons have showed helpful tips on taking the right angles, how to get great photos, how to hold the camera, and how to be a professional team member.  Well done on all your hard work.


Now that you have learned how important it is to be professional in the workplace, you may now proceed to the quiz.  The quiz will ask you a number of questions.  This quiz is designed to measure your skills and your comprehension.

Take your time and have fun.  Read and answer each question slowly.


Keep up the good work and Xcite™ looks forward to having you on our team.


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