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How to copy photos from SD card to your computer

In this lesson you will learn how to copy photos from you SD card. To most people this is another easy task but Xcite Advertising hopes you benefit from this information. All photos in this lesson are an example and may look different on your device you are using.


Here are some basics steps:


Step 1: Take the SD card from your camera and insert it into your laptop op PC. The SD card needs to be pushed in all the way until you hear a click.


Step 2: Normally if you are using a windows laptop or PC an AutoPlay menu box will appear, and Xcite™ recommends you choose "open folder" to your view photographs.


This method works for transferring any type of file from your computer to an external drive like a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or a memory card like shown here.

  1. Insert your memory card into the computer (or card reader…note too that newer digital cameras can act as a card reader as well)
  2. Click Start –> My Computer
  3. Double-click your memory card
  4. Click Start –>  My Pictures (Pictures in Vista and Windows 7)
  5. Position the two windows side-by-side
  6. Drag photos from your Pictures folders to external drive


Watch the video to see this tip in action!



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