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Xcite Video Formula

Xcite's™ Vision.

Everything we do we believe in Video Marketing Technology!  We believe in thinking differently and making changes.  The way Xcite™ challenges other marketing ideas is by introducing a new software that is easy to use, simply designed and consumer friendly.  We just happen to have a fully qualified team that can help!


Please watch the videos below.  It is Xcite's™ Correct Video Formula

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The next video below is an old formula for taking videos, however, just watch the smoothness of the videographer and how smoothly he moves the camera.  No person in their right mind wants to watch a shaky, unprofessional video.

Did you notice the smoothness and how smoothly everything flowed through this video?

Please remember to hold the camera in your right hand and just walk slowly and smoothly around the car.  There is no need to jerk or shake your hand or camera.

If you apply all of Xcite's™ helpful tips that you have learned throughout this course, your videos will be a success.

When taking videos, please look at your camera screen while filming, to make sure it is the correct angle and that it is not cutting off the car.


Do you understand what that means?

When taking videos for the first few weeks have a quick look at the video you filmed, before proceeding to film the next vehicle.  It sounds like alot of work, but you will get the hang of taking professional videos, and you will know what a bad video is.  If the video you filmed is bad, please delete it first and then re-film the vehicle again, then check the video again and if it is correct, proceed to the next one.  There are so many photographers that forget to delete the bad videos or they get so lazy that they drop the camera, while filming or jerk the camera badly, while filming or show their fingers in the video, while filming and instead of re-taking the video, they just upload it and they get uploaded to the dealer's website and it does not look professional.

Please remember these steps to help you improve your videography skills.


If you fail to do this, your videos will be uploaded to the dealerships' website and they will not look professional.

The only way to get better and improve, is to look at your work and see what areas need to be fixed, and fix it.



Thank you for viewing the videos above.  You have completed section 3.



Now you will proceed to section 4.  It will discuss what to do with your photographs and how to upload them.



You have completed section 3. Now you will proceed to section 4. It will discuss how to upload to LESA Software.


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Everything we do, we believe in a professional Car Photography Service for our Dealerships. We are efficient to work with, our software is simple to use and we have excellent quality photography! Book a brief meeting with us today!

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