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Unacceptable Videos

In the previous lesson you saw what a quality video looked like.


Unfortunately, many videographers do not practice how to take a correct video and then they do not watch their videos before uploading.


Watch the following videos in this lesson and think about what is wrong with these videos.  Write the number of the video and then what you feel is incorrect.  Also answer the questions.

Then you will discuss that information with your trainer.


This lesson will help you get a proper understanding of what is acceptable to Xcite™ and what is unacceptable to Xcite™.


Some of these questions may be in your quiz, so have a good think as to how you could help the videographer.




Rectangle Banner


How do you think the dealer would feel about these videos?

No person in their right mind wants to watch a shaky, unprofessional video.

Please remember to go smoothly

THINK: What tips could you give this photographer to improve the quality and smoothness of the videos?


What is wrong with this video below?


This video above is horrible and not consumer friendly.

What do you think the photographer is doing wrong?



Now the next video below is the old formula but watch it and write down what you think the photographer does incorrectly.


As you can see from the videos above, Xcite™ does not view these videos as acceptable.

Please remember to film correct videos and to never make your videos look like this.

These are not consumer friendly and do not make Xcite™ look professional.


Please use the Xcite™ Formula that you have learned from this course.  Forget your old ways.

Don't rush, because your videos will be bad.  Just take a few extra moments to make your videos consumer friendly and acceptable toXcite Advertising™.


In the next few lessons you will see what videos are acceptable to Xcite™.  Study them closely and refer back to them if you need.


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