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Camera Angles and Vehicle Positions - USA

This lesson only applies to those who are part of our USA Team.

If you are part of the Australian Team please go back to the previous lesson by pressing the previous lesson button, at the bottom of this page.


Xcite's™ Video Formula and Correct Camera Angles for USA.

Everybody says they can take a video.  Everybody likes taking videos and taking videos are very easy, but taking the right video with a steady hand needs much more effort.


This is where Xcite's™ Video Formula comes into play.


Xcite™ believes that once you know the correct formula for taking a vehicle video you will be a great asset to the Xcite™ Advertising team.


Let's learn how to take correct, steady videos. A very important thing to remember is to go slowly.  Please slow down your videos.


TIP:  Don't be nervous.  Nerves make your hands shake.  Just relax and have fun when you are taking videos and your video will be alot smoother.


You need to always hold the camera at your waist when walking around the exterior of the car.  DO NOT bring it up to your chest, always have the camera at your waist.  This is for all car videos.


Let's first learn how to video the exterior of a car.


Word of caution.... please try not to cut off sections of the car while you are walking around.  The best way to help you achieve a successful video is by looking on the screen, while filming, so you can see what you are filming and not cut anything off.


TIP:  Please remember when taking a video, to look at the camera screen while walking around.  Look at the car, then at the screen.   If you are not looking at the screen, you will not know if your video is correct.



You first need to start at the back of the car.  You focus in on the badge first like the photo below shows you.

After starting the video by pushing the record button, waiting 3 seconds and then you walk backwards a few steps and proceed to walk to your left.  Always holding your camera at your waist for the exterior.  Photographer is holding the camera at her waist. Also continue walking around, don't stop.


Keep walking around to your left holding the camera at your waist.

To get a great video hold the camera with one hand and don't bounce when you walk.  As you are walking around keep the car in the middle of the frame without cutting off any edges and just keep the camera smooth and your pace smooth. Remember you don't need to bounce while you walk, just walk smoothly and make your video smooth.


Keep walking around the car to your left. Keep smoothly walking around the whole car until you get to the passenger door.


Just like the photos above, keep your camera at your waist and get the whole car in the frame without cutting off any edges.

As you can see from these photos, no matter the car, all videos on every car should look exactly the same.

Xcite™ believes if you use this formula, you will always have great videos.

Keep walking around holding the camera at your waist with your right hand.


Once you get to the passenger door, you slowly walk in and focus on the buttons.  Hold the camera in this position for 3 seconds.

Like the photo below shows you. Remember don't go too close because the buttons will be blurry.

The reason we hold the camera for 3 seconds is to give the camera time to adjust its focus so the buttons are clear and readable.

From there you proceed slowly to pan across the dash.  So you move your hand back towards the edge of the door as the photo below shows you.

As you start panning across the dash from right to left move your hand from left to right so that you hand ends up in the other corner so your camera is looking at the passenger seat as shown below

Tilt your camera up to capture the top of the seat and slowly pan down the seat like the last photo above shows you.

Manoeuvre your camera back to the middle and focus on the seat as you come out of the vehicle.  Remember you are continuously moving but you slow down for all inside shots.

Don't jerk your hand or camera, keep everything flowing smoothly.

As you are coming out of the car, use your other hand (without putting it into the video) to close the door and continue walking backwards to the back passenger door.  For this frame we need to get the whole door.

Once you have the whole door in your camera frame, steadily hold it there for 3 seconds as shown in the photo below


Then repeat the same process with the panning.  Pan your camera from right to left while moving your hand left to right. Then tilt your camera up to pan down the seat like the below photo

Then focus on the seat and repeat same process when exiting the vehicle.

Come out of the car slowly.  Close the door with your other hand and continue to walk around the car.

Always keeping your camera at your waist for the exterior of a vehicle.

Continue to walk around to the middle of the car and then walk in towards the trunk and focus on the badge on the right hand side (if there isn't one focus in on the left hand badge)

Try very hard to keep your reflection out of the camera.


However sometimes this is unavoidable due to the sun, the polish of the car or position of the vehicle and will be accepted for a video only.  Photos however need to have zero reflections.

As you focus in on the badge you use your other hand to open up the trunk like the photo above shows you.  Please make sure you are not too close and allow some room for the trunk to open without smashing your camera.

Can you see how the photographer is looking at the camera screen to make sure it isn't cutting anything off while opening the back?

Once the trunk is open put your camera inside and pan from one side to the other.

If there are any buttons to close the trunk automatically then bring your camera up to the button slowly and press the button and walk back slowly to watch the trunk close

If there are not any automatic buttons, then once you have finished panning inside the trunk, use one hand to close the trunk and the other hand to bring your camera out of the trunk and focus in on the other badge or on any badge.  Again please remember not to smash your camera when closing the trunk.  Once it is closed walk directly backwards focusing on the back of the car and then continue walking around the car to your left

Continue walking around the car to your left and then when you get to the back wheel slowly focus on it and walk up to it like the photo below.

While holding your camera with your right hand, use your left hand to open the door.

Remember to have a steady hand while opening the door.


Once the door is open, slowly move around and focus on the buttons for 3 seconds.

Slowly switch hands.  Then move into the car and pan the across the seat, while getting in the car (by putting your knees on the seat) and move the camera up the middle console, slowly, so you end up like the photo below.

When moving into the car, put one knee inside the car on the seat and pan the across the seat with the camera and move up the middle console slowly so you end up like the photo below.

Then pan across the dash from right to left. This is the inside of the vehicle.

Remember to look at your camera screen while filming.


Remember, this is taking a video of the inside of the vehicle.  When filming the dash, make sure you film from the bottom of windscreen down.  If you lift your camera too high, you will get the background and it will distract the customer and they will look at what is happening around instead of on the buttons and on the dash.  Once you see the steering wheel pan back into the middle of the dash and slowly come back out of the car the same way you came in.  Panning the camera back out of the car along the seats, steadily.


Remember not to hold your camera too close to an object or it will become blurry.

As you come out of the car start to move your camera up to the top of the roof of the car and close the door with your other hand.  Use your right hand to hold the camera and tilt it down to focus on sun roof.

Using your left hand open the drivers' door.  Keep camera focused on sun roof.


If it doesn't have a sun roof, you still need to do the same formula, so you would focus on the roof.

Then slowly bring the camera down and focus on the buttons.  Holding your camera there for 3 seconds.

While focusing on the buttons slide into the car leaving your feet outside.

Then from left to right hold the camera on each button for 3 seconds.  Then move onto the buttons on the steering wheel.


Remember to hold your camera still on the buttons for 3 seconds.

Don't hold the camera too close.  Hold it on the buttons for 3 full seconds.

If there are buttons on the left hand side of the steering wheel then focus on them first and then move to the buttons on the right.  If there are not any buttons on the left, then just slowly pan across to the right and vice versa.


Its very important to remember, don't hold the camera too close to the buttons.  Hold you camera a few inches away so the buttons will be readable.  Hold your camera on the buttons for 3 full seconds.

After holding the camera for 3 seconds on the buttons on the steering wheel you then move up to the odometer or speedometer.  Again hold it there for 3 seconds.  Then slowly move your camera across to the right where the middle console is or the radio and from the top slowly pan down like the following photos display.


Start from the top and slowly pan your camera down as these pictures show you.


Then while you are focusing on the middle like the photo above shows, keep your camera straight or horizontal, slowly get out of the car the same way you came in and move your camera along the seat as you are getting out and slowly bring your camera to the edge of the seat.

If the vehicle has a sun roof then tilt your camera up to focus on the sun roof like the photo below shows you.  Hold for 3 seconds.

Then come all the way out of the car, while using your left hand to close the door.


Keep walking around all the way around to the drivers' front angle as shown below.

In the photos above the photographer is standing in the same angle, the drivers' side.  These photos are just showing you that angle from two different shots.

Align up the wheel with the seat belt while getting all sides of the car in the frame.  Hold that position for 3 seconds and then hit the record button to end the video.


Remember you are part of our professional team.  We know you will be a great videographer for Xcite™.


Your videos need to be a quality video rather than a quantity video.

Please make sure, to the best that you can, that you go slowly and don't rush.


Most importantly you need to keep the camera straight or horizontal.  This method applies to all videos.

If you do all these steps correctly, your video should record for an average of 3 minutes.  If your video is under 3 minutes you are going too fast. Slow down.


As part of our Xcite™ team, your videos should have the same formula, no matter the make of the car.


You can avoid getting your shadow in the shot by moving back a few steps.


You need to remember to hold the camera at your waist.  All four sides need to be equal.  This means having the same space between the car and the border of the photo.  Making the picture look symmetrical.


A very important thing to remember is to go slowly.  Please slow down your videos.

Please watch this video below to complete your training for how to take a professional video of a car.


Thank you for being a part of our team here at Xcite™ Advertising. If you have any questions or if there is anything that you still don't understand, please write them down and email your trainer so that at your next meeting, they can answer those for you.


Remember practice makes perfect, so youR assignment is to go out to your car and position your car facing the sun and practice what you have learned.

Now that you have learned about taking videos for USA please practice this formula.  Please film 5 videos of your vehicle and send them to your instructor for marking.  Once you have done that you can then proceed to the next lesson.

This is your assignment.  Please email all of your videos that you have taken, so that they can be marked and you can find out if there are any corrections or if you need to work on anything.


Practice as many times as you want to get these great, correct videos because your 5 assignments are the ones that will be examined.


The next lesson will help you to learn what to do with the videos after you film them.


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