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3.3 Camera Angles and Vehicle Positions - Exterior

3.4 Camera Angles and Vehicle positions - Interior

3.5 Unacceptable Photos

3.6 Quality Photos

3.7  Xcite Photo Formula

Please study and look closely at these photos below.  They are not in order.  They are just photos that have been taken correctly and you need to study them closely so your photos can look the same.

Money Shot

Xcite's™ Formula is always the same.  No matter the make or model of the car, all photos are taken the same

Doesn't matter what size or colour the car is, as a photographer of Xcite™ Advertising, all your photos should look exactly the same.

Always the same angle, no matter the vehicle




Drivers Inside shot.

 Back door interior shot.

Cock Pit shot.

Xcite's™ Formula is always the same.  No matter the make or model of the car, all photos are taken the same

Passenger Inside shot.

Trunk or boots shots are always the same, whether the door opens up or to the side, or whether the car is a sedan or van.  Remember to stand in the middle.



The back light and badge shot should always look the same, no matter the vehicle.

Even the buttons on the steering wheel should look the same.  Most vehicles have different buttons and have a different sized steering wheel.

As long as you remember to centre your buttons in the middle of the frame, then all your pictures and videos will look the same.


Long buttons are still centred

Smaller buttons are the same

Always stand in the middle to have all your front shot photos the same.

No matter the vehicle, follow Xcite's™ Formula.

As you can see all these photos above are acceptable and professional.  These have been taken correctly with the Xcite™ Formula.

If you always follow Xcite's™ Formula, then your photos will look like these ones above.


Now that you have learned what quality photographs are, you can proceed to the next lesson which will help explain Xcite's™ photo formula


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