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Unacceptable photos

In the previous lesson you learnt how to take correct exterior and interior photos.

Unfortunately, many photographers do not practice how to take a correct photo and then they do not look at their photos before uploading.


In this lesson you will study and review the following photos and think about what is wrong with these photos and how you can help the photographer to take better photos.


This lesson will help you get a proper understanding of what is acceptable to Xcite™ and what is unacceptable to Xcite™.


Some of these pictures and questions may be in your quiz, so have a good think as to how you could help the photographer and what is wrong with these photos below.


3.6 Quality Photos

3.7  Xcite Photo Formula

What is wrong with these photos?

Think about how you could help the photographer to take the correct photo.


What is wrong with these photos?

These photos are not acceptable.  Remember to never take photos like this.


What is wrong with the picture 6?

What is the customer even looking at?  Does this photo even make sense or has it been shot in a rush?

Do you remember learning if this photo was supposed to be taken?  No.

This photo was not in the interior photo lesson.


Don't forget to think about why each numbered photo is incorrect!

Many photographers just don't understand how to take a proper steering wheel photo!


Why are the photos below horrible and unacceptable to Xcite™?


How could you help the photographer to improve their photography skills?

This photo is not the correct angle!

Why are the photos below wrong?

The above photo is supposed to be the cock pit shot.  It is a two door vehicle.  Is this the correct way to take a cock pit shot on a two door vehicle?

NO!  Please remember this for the quiz that this is not the correct cock pit shot for a two door vehicle.


How should you take a cock pit shot on a two door vehicle?

As you can see from the photos above, Xcite™ does not view these photographs as acceptable.  Please remember to take correct photos and to never take your photos look like this.

These are not consumer friendly and do not make Xcite™ look professional.

Please use the Xcite™ Formula that you have learnt from this course.  Forget your old ways.

Don't rush, because your photos will be bad.  Just take a few extra moments to make your photos consumer friendly and acceptable to Xcite Advertising™.


In the next few lessons you will see what photos are acceptable to Xcite™.  Study them closely and refer back to the quality photos when needed.


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