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Camera Setup

Xcite's™ formula for setting up your Camera.


Remember to always wipe your camera lens to make sure it is clean, otherwise your videos will have a smudge mark on them and you will have to film them again.  Don’t forget to wipe it gently so that you do not ruin the lens or scratch it.



Setting up your Sony Camera.

To turn on your camera, you press the ON button as shown in the photo below.  When your camera is on, there will be a green light.

Next you need to set your camera to the green button on the left hand side.  You roll the button around until the white mark is beside the green camera.

As shown in the above photo.


When you have set it to the green camera button, which is the intelligent auto setting, your screen will show you this photo below.


If it shows you that you have set it to the green camera, then this is correct and you have set your camera correctly.


Next you will proceed to change the inside camera settings.  Click the Menu button on the side of the camera as shown below.


Once you have selected the menu button you will see this screen below appear on your camera screen.

Press the left arrow on your camera, underneath the menu button, and then press down until you see the still image size, like the photo below.

Then once you see this on your screen, use your right arrow button to go across to the desired size of your photos.


You need to select the third one across. (4:3 5M).  This setting is for all vehicle photos.


Once you select this setting, press the middle button.  You only need to adjust these settings once, when you first get your camera.



Xcite™ appreciates your patience in learning how to set up your camera


Now for Flash.

Press the right button which looks like this.

This is the Flash button.

Once you have pressed that button on your camera, you will see the below screen appear on your camera.


 This is to change the Flash Settings.  Make sure it is on the auto flash setting.


Using your arrows select the first setting.  If your camera screen looks like the photo above, you have completed another setting on your camera.


Well done.

Make sure you set your camera to ((ACT)) under Movie Steady Shot.  We use this setting because it is designed for stronger movement.  The video at the end of this lesson will show you how to set this correctly.


While you take photos of the car the flash will automatically pop up during photography.  This is ok.  It has been set to auto flash.


This is what the camera will look like when the flash opens

To close the flash button do not force it, just gently press it down like shown.


Next is the zoom button.

As you can see it is located on the top of the camera.   To zoom in or out just press the button to the left or right as shown below.

However, you will not need your zoom for photos.


When taking a photo, please make sure that the camera is not zoomed in.


Again, remember to wipe your camera lens gently to make sure there are no fingers marks before taking photos.  Otherwise your pictures will have a smudge mark on them and you will have to redo them.


Please watch this video below to help get a better understanding of how to set up your camera to take photos and videos.


Xcite™ welcomes you to our team and we hope you enjoy these lessons.


Now that you have learned how to set up your camera for photos, you can proceed to the next lesson.


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