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Marking your Stock Sheet and Vehicle

In this lesson you will learn the importance of marking your stock sheet or the sheet that has all the vehicle details on it and marking the vehicle.


It is very important to mark your stock sheet.


You have a big list of cars and you have to visit different dealerships throughout the day, how will you know which cars you took photos of at which dealership?


You need to mark your missing photo report sheet or stock sheet.  It is very important that you do this because when you get home, you have everything numbered and in order.


When you have taken the photos of a car, on your stock sheet you will write " Done "next to the stock number.


TIP: When you align the vehicle to take photos or videos, prepare the vehicle, then before taking photographs mark the vehicle with an X for photos, and then mark your stock sheet with the word done on your stock sheet.


The reason we mark the vehicle is, when you get to the dealership, you walk the lot looking for cars without marks. This saves you time and energy because you can see where the vehicles are first and then you can go get the keys and be organized before you start shooting the photographs. In the long run this will save you time and energy and if another photographer needs to fill in for you, they do not redo cars that are already done.  Because marked ones mean they are complete, they have been photographed.



Watch this video below to show you a sample of how to look for those cars that are unmarked and have no photos and videos.

At the dealerships you will need to walk the car yard or dealership lot and check all the cars to see if the stock numbers are on your sheet. If they are unmarked and on your sheet, they need photos and videos.  Then you will go and get the keys for these vehicles and one at a time, you will take the photos first and then carefully mark the vehicle and stock sheet once they have been filmed or photographed.


Please watch this video below for a quick demonstration


In the above video you saw that the photographer walked the car yard first to find the vehicles that are on the stock sheet that need photos and videos.


Then the photographer gets the keys to these vehicles.



In the video below you will see how to get the keys to the vehicles that have missing photos.


Now each dealership is different.  They have different key machines, and various ways of checking out keys.


You will have to find out the correct way to get the keys out at your dealership.  For now, please proceed to the next lesson.


In the next lesson you will learn how to set up your camera.  You will learn which settings are needed to take photos and videos.  If you have watched the videos above, you may proceed to the next lesson.


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