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Printing Stock Sheets

In this short lesson you will learn how to print stock sheets.

A stock sheet is a printout of all the stock or vehicles that need photographs taken. This will help in organizing your work and making your time more efficient.

This video below will show you exactly how to print stock sheets using only Homenet Login.

2.3 Marking your Stock Sheet & Vehicle

If the dealership that you are taking photographs at are not using the Dealer Management Software, Homenet, then you need to print a stock sheet from the current DMS that the Dealership is using, so you can find the cars that are missing photos.  There are a number of ways to print your stock sheet depending on your dealership.

Please watch this short video below for printing stock sheets using Homenet Login.

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It was just a short video to show you how to print off stock sheets from Homenet.

Again, if you are not using Homenet, then you still need to print a stock sheet so you can find the vehicles that do not have any photographs.  There are a number of ways to print your stock sheet depending on your dealership.

Most of that important information will come directly from the Internet Department from the Dealership that you want to service or are currently servicing.

This training course provided by Xcite™ Advertising will give you tips for taking correct photos for vehicles and not provide you with software or uploading help as each dealership is different.



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