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Why Smart Search?

Before Smart Search there was Goggle's Autocomplete. You simply type in the Google search bar and Google would give you four or more predictive searches Google thinks you're looking for.


 Google says 71% of Google searchers would simply click on the 1st suggested search.


Another way to become the suggested or predictive search was to get ranked at the top of the organic search.


Case in Point:


Penske Audi in West Covina (Los Angeles)


Two weeks ago - you couldn't find Penske Audi West Covina (Los Angeles) on the 1st page of Google if you type in 2014 Audi Los Angeles.


A week ago,

Penske Audi in West Covina (Los Angeles)  started showing up but at the lower half of the 1st page of Google. That's great news for

Penske Audi in West Covina (Los Angeles) but not so much for the other 18 Audi dealers. The only other way for those 18 Audi dealers  to get on the 1st page of Google would be to do a PPC (Pay Per Click) or simply at the top left - Premium Ads - very expensive.

Our LESA product ($28 a vehicle) got Penske Audi in West Covina (Los Angeles) on the front page this morning and at the top.


Another way is the long way - more time and more work but WOW when we get done with it.


Case in Point


Here's a few background facts:

Cutrubus is a seven store auto group in Northern Utah.

2 months ago - you couldn't find Cutrubus.com or any of their seven stores on the front page of Google. The big auto groups CONTROLLED the front page of Google - ex. Larry Miller's 55 stores and/or

Ken Graff's group of stores.


To prove a point- Cutrubus gave up Freeway Mazda and told "show us".

We got Freeway Mazda on the front page of Google - took a couple of weeks.

After proving our point, Cutrubus gave all seven stores over to us to improve their visibility on Google. Again, took a few months - seven rooftops.


If you type in the google search bar - used cars Layton utah

you will now see at the very top of organic searches

Layton Hills Chrysler (owned by Cutrubus)


look further down on the organic searches and see more of Cutrubus

Cutrubus Audi


Freeway Mazda (owned by Cutrubus)


Cutrubus VW


Remember, on the 1st page of google - typing in used cars Layton utah


Cutrubus is now at the top


Cutrubus has 5 of the 10 organic spots allowed


What you do not see and have not seen for almost two months -


Larry Miller's 25 Utah stores


Ken Garff's 22 Utah stores


and they were on the front page ALL the time - in organic searches if you typed in used cars Layton Utah 2 months ago


But the little engine that could - Cutrubus is.


last month - Cutrubus.com got over 4000 vdp's, views, impressions across the seven stores they own.


2700 were 1st time visitors.


Avg store saw 400 to 500 unique vistors.


Used Cars Colorado Springs

used cars colorado springs mccloskey motors


Folks - its real estate. Get moving before its too late


Why Smart Search??

Because it’s a brilliant concept of how to get your business to the top on google. That’s what we do - helping businesses get the entire 1st page.

Let me show you –

For Auto Dealers – Type in Google’s search bar – used cars colorado springs – click on the regular term – used cars Colorado springs

This Google page looks like any regular page – you have premium click ads at the top, pay per click ad campaigns on the right. Then you have the local Google+ places and maps (the ones with the balloons), and then there’s the organic listings like autotrader, myvalucar, usedcars.com, then Google+ addresses, lakeside autobrokers, crazyhermanonline, enterprise.com, faricy.com, heubergermotors.com, perkinsmotors.com, bobpenkhus.com.


McCloskey Motors is not even on the 1st page of Google under used cars colorado springs.

You will find Big Joe’sMcCloskey Motors – on page four in google search pages.  (who goes to page 2 let alone page 4?)

Google says the TOP THREE ORGANIC ADS is where the money is regarding organic results, it’s where you will drive traffic to your website with key word terms. So, what we really do is…… not just get you on the 1st page of Google but in a more complete sense, we specialize in taking advantage of Google’s auto complete suggestions. So imagine your McCloskey Motors and you are on page four and want to get to page one and better yet – the top on page one.


So let’s see how we specialize in getting your business name in this box at the top.

The reason is – Google says 71% will click on the 1st suggestion especially if it’s a business name.

But watch what happens when we do click on the suggested term using Smart Search.

Again typing in the Google search bar – used cars colorado springs

The first suggested search is McCloskey Motors. Watch what happens when we do click on the suggested term.


The entire page becomes McCloskey Motors   – every single link.

So, which would you rather fight for: a link on the 1st page or by determining what your best target key words are for your business and then own the entire page.

So, can you see how Smart Search could directly impact your business. Imagine your McCloskey Motors. From page 4  in the organic listing for used cars colorado springs  to #1 at the top and upon clicking you get to own THE ENTIRE PAGE.

Again, we specialize in getting your business name in this box at the top and where your business website is the preferred site to visit. So, what we offer is a way to crush your competition – Getting on Google with Front Page Results.


Google will suggest McCloskey Motors.  Should a client click on it – Google turns the whole page into relevant content or information about McCloskey Motors.  At that point, McCloskey Motors is no longer competing with other dealers. The entire Google page is about that dealer. Try it. If you were McCloskey Motors – how would you feel?

And now for a 30 second Google fact – 71% of people who use Google Search will click on the 1st result

As a dealer, if you want leads, 1st party leads to your website – this is how you can do it.

Some dealers have asked – Why have I not seen or heard of this? Simply put – it’s brand new and exciting and we’ve been adding safe guards to protect our secret recipe. We started in other industries – lawyers and dentists for example.


For Auto Dealers – another fantastic tool is Full Motion Video with Front Page Results on Google.

That’s in my next email


For Dentists -

Type in Google’s search bar – dental implants Utah – click on the regular term – dental implants Utah

Notice the suggested search – Gateway Dental  Arts               So imagine your Gateway Dental in Utah.

The entire page becomes Gateway Dental Arts – every single link.


Xcite has many other businesses…it’s real estate.


Key Terms Research Process


Whats up Niches?!!!

Which niches are you going to go after?  Which friends will you be talking to whose lives you will change with this powerful Google marketing program?  This marketing approach opens things up to really make you a marketing consultant across nearly every industry!  Take a look at services and then city and you’re ready to rock.

Once you have identified your prospective client, make sure to do some research on key terms that may apply to them and their business.  www.keywordspy.com is a great place to go and do some research.  If you are considering approaching someone in an industry you are not familiar with, simply go to their website and look at their services and try to find some key terms that are relevant to what they do.


Once you have found how many key term searches there are, you can go to the related tab and check to see if there are any other suggestions based upon the initial search you did.  Keep in mind that the extremely broad searches will not work because in most cases, Google has a geographic qualifier that will pop up before you ever get to the search.  Example: “new car”.  Go to Google and search “new car” and it will automatically put in cities around where you are so that is not a search term that will work on our program.  On the other hand, “used cars Arlington” is a great search and would be one of the 3 key terms in a basic package.


If you can’t find any searches, that doesn’t mean that the search term isn’t relevant, it just means that it isn’t registering on this program.  Remember that the people doing these searches are shoppers so you don’t necessarily have to have a high volume to get a good result.  The “divorce lawyer Utah” search only gets 1900 searches per month.

If you have been doing research and trying to find searches for a prospective client and can’t find anything compelling, share the concept with them anyway and they may be able to share some additional search terms/services that may work for them.


**One very important thing to remember is that you must ask for referrals with everyone you speak to!!  Everyone has friends who own companies or who are high up in companies.  Share what you do with whoever is sitting across from you and you will be amazed at the doors that will open for you.


So far we have signed a ski resort, car dealership, drug rehab clinic, attorneys, marketing company, plastic surgeon, go kart track, cosmetic dentist, landscaper, and many many more!  It will be very interesting to see what other niches will be opened up in the next several months!  Find a niche that is cash flow positive with a significant return on their services and dive in!

This is a tutorial that Xcite created to help you as part of our sales team figure out how to work with your prospects to put together deals.  This just walks you through the process of researching the key terms so you may talk intelligently with your prospective clients. XCITE BELIEVES THAT IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU DO THIS RESEARCH PRIOR TO YOUR INITIAL MEETING!! If you will do the research before going in to talk to someone it could potentially be a “one and done” visit rather than going back 2 or 3 times.


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