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Xcite video vision

Xcite™ believes in Video Marketing Technology!  Xcite™ believes in thinking differently and making changes.  The way Xcite™ challenges other marketing ideas is by introducing a new software that is easy to use, simply designed and consumer friendly.  Xcite™ believes in quality not quantity.  Xcite™ is a professional team with a first class service.


You are part of Xcite's™ professional team and Xcite™ believes that after this training program, you will be qualified to help our customers.


Xcite™ wants you as a photographer to be able to tell what is a good video and a bad video, to be able to understand shadows, positioning and how to hold the camera.


To be a good photographer you must remember that quality is better than quantity.


 Xcite™ believes that over a period of time, photographers can become lazy and they forget the basic principles for taking videos.


It is really important that no matter how long you have been taking videos, everytime you film a video, it should be your best.  Even if it takes you a few more minutes to get the correct video or to arrange the vehicle so that it is positioned correctly, always give each and every dealership, vehicle and client, your best.


This videography lesson will help you to remember how to take correct videos and help you improve your photography skills.  These lessons apply to all photographers, new or experienced and each photographer will learn how to take the exact same videos.


Xcite™ needs to be in unity worldwide.  When we look at dealers, and their websites, we will know who is an Xcite™ client.  All videos worldwide will have the same formula, and you as a photographer for Xcite™, are a part of this great corporation


Forget your old ways or what you previously know, this is the new way, the new Xcite™ formula.  This is Xcite's™ Vision.

This is you as part of our Xcite™ team.


Xcite™ Advertising full motion video achieves an average of 80% completion ratio for a two minute video compared to only 65% for a 45 second slideshow.  Consumers can tell that the slideshow videos show the same photos they just saw from the photo gallery.


Google emphasizes fresh relevant videos in their search results.  Xcite™ videos are showing consistently on the first page of google organically.  Therefore vehicle videos not only increase the time consumers spend on an automotive website, but VSEO will help drive additional traffic to your website with minimal investment.


Xcite™ Advertising will provide the necessary personnel to take videos for the dealerships inventory on a regular basis.  That is where you come in.


You are now part of the Xcite Advertising™ corporation.


In this course, Xcite™ Advertising will help you learn how to take videos correctly and how your videos can benefit each dealership.


Xcite™ wants a professional team who are united with the same formula

- Xcite's™ Formula.


Use our Photographers Right Now & Save up to 10%


Everything we do, we believe in a professional Car Photography Service for our Dealerships. We are efficient to work with, our software is simple to use and we have excellent quality photography! Book a brief meeting with us today!

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